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I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Prairie Bracelet :
I have had these beads since September last year, they were supposed to be a birthday present but I changed design and beads today I made them up they were screaming ' I'm Here ' ' Make Me , Make Me You Witch ! ' So I obeyed. I hope you like. The beads are from Josephine Wadman, but of course made up by me.

Today again we took The Girls for their walk early , it was a lovely calm start to the day, but by lunch the cloud had arrived as well as a few showers, boo hoo. The postie has forecast that we are in for more snow, yes you heard right The Postie. Locals have more chance on giving a better weather report than the news anyway and they do tend to get it right as well. Anyhow I wanna go home today miss the warmth of my house, familiar surroundings and The Husband having that control over his work even though it is. I don't miss the noise and the rude people , I do sometimes miss our life in parts that we had down there, I miss the size of our house and the space we had and all the work we did in the garden there. But in the same way if we moved back now , could we adjust or would we slip into our old ways again ? I hope not, I hope we could have the best of both , take what we have learned up here and have the convenience of living in a city ?? Can it be done or would we loose it slowly as we get blinded by city living.

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