Welcome to my wonderful world of handmade lampwork beads and handcrafted jewellery .

I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Well I have gone and done it

Yes oh yes I have gone and done it. I had my first ever lesson on lampworking with Karen Baldon from Cheeky Cherub. I took my son to see his grandma in sunny old Manchester and had lesson .

I melted glass, my god, that feelin like I had come home when I did my first stringer, and my first bump well lets just say it was a " When Harry Met Sally " moment.

The days lesson was amazing I am over the moon that as a lampwork virgin I made a bead by the end of the day. I had never ever touched anything to do with glass so I was fully aware that my first bead would look like your wibble wobbly bit of pottery that was ever made.

However my excitement grew each time I was shown something new, I could have stayed all night if I was allowed and did not have to go for an eye test before I came back up here, otherwise Vision Express would not let me have my contacts. So I had to go.

So I could go on and on but all you lampworkers will know how I feel. I am in love with melting glass and I love Kaz for showing me. I know that I have to practise and it will at least be a while before I am happy with what I can do, but at least I will have fun doing them. So if ever I am tired or feeling down I think of beads and what I have made. As I ouzzzz excitement when I think of doing Lampwork beads. Now that I have joined the Dark Side I suggest you do the same you will not be disappointed

The ones in front are my first ever beads.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Can you believe this has took all afternoon to do, no set plan and it takes you all afternoon and you end up getting all your beads out just to make one bracelet.

The picture has been took on a very dull day so not the best but at least you can see the beads it actually does look very nice on and will enhance many an outfit in the summer months.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Lakeside Necklace below ( for sale )

Sunny Days

Sunnys Days are here to stay. I wish !!!! No today is amazing shame I was stuck inside doing paperwork. This afternoon I made these up, the heart was on a necklace design but it did not look right so here it is as shown below:

Love Me Tender Keychain : ( for sale )

Also I have had these beads a while when I got my mothers, " Mothers Day " Beads but have only just made them up today.

Take Me Out Earrings below.

As usual I have took the son away from the PS3 to get his haircut and have got the wrong day yet again. I am always a day earlier, good job the hairdresser is getting used to this bimbo head. So will take him again tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Black Satin

As I had some left over nuggets I made these to go with my Bracelet.

I don't actually wear many black pieces or tend to buy black beads , some person said many years ago " doesn't SHE make alot of Black " I have the feeling that the person was not being very nice, that is also around the time I gave up make pieces for many years.

I expect I will still take things to heart but that is because I am that type of person. Although upon meeting me I don't think you would think that. I don't do very good first impressions , in fact neither the 2nd or 3rd meeting either. Doesn't that make me sound awful and a complete bitch. In fact what do I say to that, I do not do well with a room full of people , it makes me feel uncomfortable ? I do not like making conversation with people as I find I get mindblock when asking questions ? I start to stutter when nervous? Women scare the hell out of me ? Am I the only person who feels this way?

Back to the point I expect I will always take things to heart but now I have come to understand that everybody has different tastes , we are not all the same and we do not like the same things. However Jealous MOO's in future will not be listened to and bad comments are to be put in the Moo Box called ' Kiss My Arse "

Friday, 19 March 2010

Black Nuggets

I have been looking for black beads for myself for ages, along came Flame and Glass. These are what I had to have, as soon as I saw the picture on her site I knew they were the beads I had been waiting for . I was not disappointed when they arrived.

Today I made them up in the design I like soooo much as it is simple yet effective in showing the beads off to perfection.

Weather up here today shit & very windy. Northlink that is our link from Shetland to mainland England/ Scotland is delayed from leaving until 4am saturday morning it should leave 7pm friday night. That's all because of wind , yes wind. oh and on the northlink website it will not get into Aberdeen until 7pm saturday eve. My god what they doing , its a big ruddy ferry. I would not be going on that I tell you. Sick , Sick , Sick would be me, me, me . This is a perk of living up here.

So the wind is blowing the dog flap open, the garage roof has been rattling since the early hours, sounds like it might blow off and the back door if opened could blow back and break.

So with it being the weekend I have a choice play with the beads or clean house ?? Ummmmm which would you go for.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wanna go Home

Today out of the blue whilst putting my makeup on I decided I wanna go Home. It has come out of nowhere today, nothing has sparked it off , nothing has happened on the island in fact its lovely. I just feel really homesick today. I thought about making beads in our back garden in Manchester in another shed that The Husband could build, like he did our office and I felt homesick. All that work we put into the back garden, all that work we still had to do.

I feel homesick for my home not the area or surroundings but my home, our family home. It will pass as I have my family near me but just for today at least . I Wanna Go Home.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


When I saw these beads I fell in love with them, when I got them I thought bugger !!!! What do I do with them so I did this below.

Sunflower Brooch ( for sale )

Focal bead by Cheeky Cherub with Swarvoski inside the middle.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Our First Party

I am no longer a party virgin, I was broken in on Friday night by the good ladies of Whalsay. Not so many just enough women to see our designs. A very nice crowd indeed. A positive night which means I am in full continue mode with my beading obsession. Yippee . So a big Thank You to the hostess for letting us host the party at her house. I like the fact that I can make a one off Hostess Bracelet as a thank you knowing that it is not mass produced and if we do another ten we do a different piece for each occasion. However doing this will make me wanna make up more pieces and buy yet more beads. Although I have seen a nice pair of Burberrys that would look nice on my feet this summer. Ummmm decisions decisions.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Our Tescos

We went to Tesco's for our weekly or when we need to shop , shop today. We leave the house at 10.15 we get the 10.30 ferry .
We reach Laxo 11.00 , we then drive to Lerwick that takes you till 11.30 , depending on what time you book the ferry back depends on how long you have to run round like a blue arse fly getting what you need. Today's our ferry back was 2pm so to be in time you have to leave Lerwick by 1.15pm ( lunch on the run basically )

Anyway this if the view from Tesco's in Lerwick. So on nice days like today this is what us lucky people see and as the weather gets warmer when you come out the doors you can smell the sea.
And these are the locals that sunbath outside on the rocks at Tesco.

This one is waiting till they get rid of out of date fish later :

Again on days like this it is a joy to do your weekly shop when you have a view like this to look upon. However I won't be saying that next week when I am being bitch slapped by the washing on the line as it's that windy and blowing a gale.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Making More

Scottish Heather Necklace below ( for sale ):

Focal by Laughing Lass above . On black cord simple slip over the head to wear.

Chocy Box Bracelet below ( for sale ) :

Beads by Annelyse Taylor with leaf spacers on jewellers elastic, ideal bracelet for everyday wear.

Pink Party Bracelet below ( for sale )

Beads by Cheeky Cherub with silver spacers on jewellers elastic. Something for girlie's to wear that sparkles in the sun.

I have been making more this afternoon , when is this urge to make stuff gonna end, when am I gonna stop thinking about bloody beads. Designing beads , designing ideas , when , when , when.

Getting Closer

Swinging 60's Necklace ( for sale ) below :

I have had this design idea in my head for a while, the needles have only just arrived with the seed beads I wanted to use. So yesterday evening whilst I was watching Star Trek yet again I made a start. Some peoples nightmare and I have to be in the mood, but as you know once you start you have to finish, you say right that's enough I can no longer use my fingers or see the beads, you put it down intending to stop and 30 seconds later you pick up that needle again and carry on. Great for young girls and kids or funky women some bright colours for these grey days.
Getting Closer to Jewellery Day !!! AGHhhhhh !!!!!! Although I am getting organised ready so I at least will know what we have ready to put out. make a list and keep checking I think.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Black Sea and Swirl

Swirl Necklace ( for sale ) :

Black Sea Bracelet ( for sale ) :

Black Sea Necklace ( for sale ) :
So the Swirl focal is from Glittering Prize, reminds me of sweets that focal.

The Black Seas lentils are from Clare Scott, I have put Hematite gemstone with these pieces , I was intending on black onyx but came across these first, and am actually pleased with the outcome.

I have paperwork to do this week but all that is on my mind is this Jewellery Party on Friday and have I got enough stock , I need to make more , I need to price & plan everything. No time for sleeping or cleaning ( Yahhoooo ) chocy can keep me going my fat supplies on my arse and thighs will keep the energy levels up.

It was not until I was speaking to Annelyse Taylor on Friday evening at how remote we have actually moved to compared to where we used to live, we did the google earth map thingy for both postcodes then compared the 2 houses and surrounding area's. We have gone from built up area of everything to a lone house in a field and few houses in fields away with green fields and sea, we must be bonkers if we had actually had thought about what we were doing would we have moved to such extremes ??? I wonder !!! It is a good job I had my blinkers on then when we moved up here otherwise I think I might have chained myself to that sink back in Manchester.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bon Bon

The husband says they are like Bon Bons ! I have no clue to what flavour he has in mind, mint choc chip most prob.

Beads are by Clare Scott with stardust spacers & swarovski crystals. the weather is fine , calm and sunny not to be staying in weather anyway.

We have done the large doggie walk this morning and I shall be making more stuff up later for this party.

I also changed a earring into a necklace for someone who had been given one of our pieces of Jewellery for xmas, she took the dog for a walk and lost the other earring. As they are one off pieces I offered to make it into a necklace so the beads do not go to waste as they are so pretty and were my first purchase of handmade lampwork beads, so yes yes I know I have a soft spot for this lone bead now.

Friday, 5 March 2010

We are doing a Party

We are doing a jewellery party !!! My god , nervous , excited , nervous all these emotions. What if they don't like it. What if no one turns up. What if I turn up naked and every bodies there, oh no that was a dream . My mistake but it did feel very real.

I am actually looking forward to it. And the hostess is a very experienced hostess she will take care with this party virgin.

I have made these up ready for the party

Wheel Me Bracelet ( for sale ) :

The bracelet above. The beads are by Glittering Prize another one I want to keep all for me but I WILL NOT . Nope I shall let some else have the pleasure in wearing this.

Octopus with Love Bracelet ( for sale ) below :

The above really does shimmer in the sunlight, perfect for the young at heart to have on their wrist.

CupCake Me Bracelet below ( for sale ) :

This bracelet is not for eating above.

Wee Swimmer Bracelet below ( for sale )

Another wee Octopus , this is a little cutie and shines bright when wearing . I adore them all in fact.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

We went for a walk

A clam day today so The Husband mentioned a walk to Challister Ness, we had never took The Girls on that walk before. Lovely and peaceful on a calm day. Would not like to walk it on a windy day as it is very exposed to the sea. We really are lucky to have these walks on our door step. Not bumping into crowds of doggie people walking their mutts. All of us came back very happy indeed bit of exercise before the rain sets in.

The Husband deciding to be smart !

The Husband wants one of these Boats for Xmas !!!

If you have not guessed by The Husbands blog . . He's a bird watcher so we both have our hobbies

This is Out Skerries is east of Whalsay . It can be seen on good clear days , like today. Beautiful Place The Husband says, only I will not be going in a hurry as it is a 1 1/2 hr ferry journey over. Sick bag anyone !!!!

However if you are into Wildlife go it is worth it.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Shetland Springs

Shetland Springs Necklace ( for sale ) :

The right size seed beads came today , we have had no post for a week so these beads arriving meant life was going back to normal. I actually really like this necklace simple yet effective and striking when on. Very Spring / Summer . Love the design very much, perfect in fact for Mother's Day. Beads are by Flame & Glass . I really do like this a anyone who gets it will be very special in deed.

I dont like dogs.

The Husband keeps on saying he does not like out mutts , would get rid of them in an instant and he has no favourites because he doesn't like them.

Do these 2 pictures show that he does not like dogs or that he has no favourites :

I also made this up today , it was going to be a bracelet but turned into a necklace. Beads are by Annelyse Taylor

Necklace above is Galaxy Quest :