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Friday, 26 February 2010

How we get a Takeaway

So how you lucky lot can get a takeaway from just down the road here's what we have to do.

11.30 am - Husband on the way back from airport going into Lerwick
12.15 pm - I ring restaurant to see if we can order a takeaway . In luck we can, make the order and have to pick it up before 2pm.
12.20 pm - Ring husband to say we are in luck pick up takeaway on the way through Lerwick to get ferry. Lerwick to Laxo ferry is about 1/2 hr away depending on weather and how fast you drive to get the ferry in time. Today I had booked husband on the 2 o clock one.
2.00 pm - Husband gets ferry.
2.30 pm - Husband arrives on Whalsay.
2.50 pm - Husband arrives with CURRY , ( the Smell ohhhh the smell fattening curry )

Wait now until

5.45 pm - Put Curry in oven to warm up
6.30 pm - Take son to footy.
6.45 pm - Sit down for curry.

So all of you lot that have to wait a mere 1/2 or 1 whole hour , next time think of me and what lengths we go to for a curry, and it better be worth the wait I tell you.

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