Welcome to my wonderful world of handmade lampwork beads and handcrafted jewellery .

I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Today is Bracelet Day

I took The girls around the Loch this morning and adopted a dog around the way, Archie a jack russell that decided it was more fun to go around the Loch with The Girls rather than go home with his owner. So he came with us and I dropped him off after our walk to his owners home.

That is the difference with living up here you can do that sort of thing without fear.

After that I made up these in our warm sunroom because that's the only room that gets the sun in our house and the rest of the house is ruddy freezing so I have decided to stay put in there until much later.

Dotty Bracelet below :
The beads above are by Annelyse Taylor along with spacers from Glittering Prize. A really stand out in your face bracelet that should lighten anyones mood.

Victoria Bracelet : ( for sale )

Nugget beads are by Pixie Willow & spacer beads are by Glittering Prize with Swarovski Crystals as well. I love the colours with this bracelet as it shows that Spring is on its way.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another Fine Day

So The Husband has been back 24 hrs, place is a tip but hey he's cleared our ice rink of a driveway. I am testing out my new camera so if pics sometimes look a bit funny you will know why. So we can also tell he's back as I was awake 7.15am on a Saturday as he was awake. We were out with The Girls before 9am. Yes, it is still cold and when the wind blows my god do you feel it. So whilst he was watching his beloved City V Chelsea and after I had give Bella a haircut , she never keeps still so the finer bits of her are not done. I made these up.

This Bracelet Shetland Rocks will be perfect for those long hot summer months , not in this country though.

Beads are by Annelyse Taylor :

Below is Minnie's Polka Party Bracelet :

I have had these since before Christmas and Cocco has took them apart a few times but I made it up today, yeah. Beads are from Glittering Prize. Perfect for a bit of colour with a black outfit.

And an update on last nights takeaway curry. OMG it was heaven .

Friday, 26 February 2010

How we get a Takeaway

So how you lucky lot can get a takeaway from just down the road here's what we have to do.

11.30 am - Husband on the way back from airport going into Lerwick
12.15 pm - I ring restaurant to see if we can order a takeaway . In luck we can, make the order and have to pick it up before 2pm.
12.20 pm - Ring husband to say we are in luck pick up takeaway on the way through Lerwick to get ferry. Lerwick to Laxo ferry is about 1/2 hr away depending on weather and how fast you drive to get the ferry in time. Today I had booked husband on the 2 o clock one.
2.00 pm - Husband gets ferry.
2.30 pm - Husband arrives on Whalsay.
2.50 pm - Husband arrives with CURRY , ( the Smell ohhhh the smell fattening curry )

Wait now until

5.45 pm - Put Curry in oven to warm up
6.30 pm - Take son to footy.
6.45 pm - Sit down for curry.

So all of you lot that have to wait a mere 1/2 or 1 whole hour , next time think of me and what lengths we go to for a curry, and it better be worth the wait I tell you.

It took 2 days and a little bit more

I did this piece on Wednesday , it took all afternoon got to the end for the crimp and crimp cover yes all you beaders will have done this, I cut it to short. So as I was that mad and the light was dimming I left it until part yesterday and have finished off today. I am rather pleased with this look.

The lampwork beads are by Flame and Glass but the design is all me. ( for sale )

This is for the more mature lady rather than a teeny bopper . Someone in their 30's perhaps with a simple top & trousers or summer dress . Perfect for day or evening wear .

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Today around the Loch

The Girls , The I am not up to anything face off trouble above :

This pic above is the snow that is on the Loch above the frozen water. Stunning to walk round.

Walking round the Loch with The Girls should take 1/2 hour. One whole hour it took, trudging through the snow. No wind ( forecast that for tomorrow ) blue skies all day and parts of untouched snow everywhere. I have managed to drive the car to the end of our road and have left it there. I am not repeating driving the car into the gate again because the snow has turned to ice. No way. So if we get to go shopping I shall be taking The Sons Slay so we can put the shopping on that.

Would I ever have thought we would either be doing these things or let alone thinking them in Manchester . The chances are a definite no we wouldn't . I would not have gone out in the snow let alone drive in it. But I am up here, no choice but it is quite pleasing knowing that you have got back safely and had the experience of what snowy conditions, gales etc are like up here. Despite the snow today I am pleased to be living somewhere like this. Whether I feel it tomorrow is a different matter but today I wish The Husband was here to see the peaceful day and take stunning photos from his stunning camera.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

This is the scene at 12.52 this afternoon.
Above is Holly The Middle girl :

Above is Bella our youngest trouble I mean girl :

Trouble again :

Last Nights Snow Again

Above is Tilley our first Girl :

Holly & Bella above :
The pic above is the top of our road , where it goes towards the main road , I know ' Where's the road' Thats why I fell into a boggy bog , didn't know it was there

Last night around 5.30 it snowed again and did not stop, it had been snowing all day yesterday on and off and the school had already closed . 7am the phone goes it the emergency snow call from the school ( parents chain link ) school closed again. I opened the curtain and these are pics of the snow around our house today. I fell into a bog my god it was freezing dread to think what the Loch is like. And as you can see what The Girls thought of the snow.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Glorious Day part 3

I took The Girls for a walk around one of The Lochs this morning here are some pics I took of this mornings weather.

Not So Thick after All

I did it, I found out by mistake and all on my own how to put buttons and blinkies on I was so pleased with myself. Yahooo. I am not so thick after all.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Snow Again So I got Busy

Snow again when I woke up again this morning, but a little supprise it was warmish and no wind , Yippee no wind. So I took the girls out watched Star Trek yet again and made pieces up today.

Chow Bella in the snow this morning :

Octopus Necklace below ( for sale ) :

This black and white focal is by Red Hot Sal with Swarovski Crystals . Something to fiddle with when nothing else to do !!!

Dolly Mixture Bracelet below ( for sale ) :

Beads by Pixie Willow with spacers in between , put on stretch magic something easy and comfortable for those casual summer days.

Cupcake Heaven Bracelet below ( for sale ) :

Cupcake & wheel beads by Glittering Prize a beauty of a bracelet that goes perfect with black jeans , kinky boots and black polo jumper. Perfect !!!

The Wheels go Round Bracelet below ( for sale ) :

Wheel beads by Glittering Prize & Heart Bead by The Flying Bead . This is actually a beauty of a piece of jewellery, light , simple yet colourful and feminine in design. Will go well with wedges , jeans skinny or flare and vest top with 3/4 sleeve jacket. perfect for Spring.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I must be thick

I am trying to put blinkies and buttons on the sidebar . I am not doing to well and its getting me mad. I know I need a code, so i get a ruddy code then I go to layout to the html thing or the add a gadget to do javascript to put the code in. RRRRRRRRWWWWWWW does it bloody bleep bleep bleep do it. No it bleeping doesn't. The husband did the handmade one and the counter and I bleeped the counter last night so he had to get a new one . So I am bleeping well bleeped off. The Husband is away and I am not to patient. I am bleeping well bleeped offf. And I have the Bleeping
upset stomach is the polite way of putting it. Bleeping Hell. !!!!! RRRRRRRRWWWWWWW

Monday, 15 February 2010

Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year I made this a while ago, focal from Glittering Prize . RRRR Tiger

More Updates

We have updated our website again this afternoon. Have a look its only the main page that has been achieved this afternoon but what we have done we really like. I think it shows what we like and what our tastes are. the main picture on the header is what The Other Silly Moo took on Saturday. I love it , it shows a blinder of a picture of Shetland scenery . It is beauty just like pieces of our jewellery. So go have a look on WWW.SillyMooz.Com

Name my Dragon

I am in love with my dragon ( For Sale ) but I have no name for him / her . One just won't pop into my head that suits, so it's lonely with no name and needs a lovin home to go to.

Made with Stirling silver ring and holder on a simple black cord so you are attracted to the Dragon instead of the chain. This dragon is from Flying Bead. It is amazing what people can do I hope to get that good.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fat Cow Day

Like I said the weather has changed, wet windy and dull. DULL , DULL, DULL. So I have done nothing except eat like a pig. As The Son says a fat mum. But I made Apple Crumble to go with the Panforte again for last nights meal, so with today's roast it had to be finished off, the crumble I mean. along with the double cream . Lush I mean Yuk !!! Bad woman.

The Son is off again tomorrow , they don't do a week off in Feb up here just a long weekend. And yes it is long. I am in the middle of making up stuff and have some idea's so when they are done you know they will be posted on. So today apart from eating everything I could lay my hands on , I vegged and watched for the ninth time Star Trek, Then The Proposal for the sixth time or so lost count really. I was kicked outta the lounge as The Son has found football on the telly & The Husband needs no excuse to watch sport. The Son has found footy and he's 11 all these years not being interested, but because they play that much sport up here and footy he's become interested. So I get kicked out the lounge hence the eating like a pig well that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Glorious Day

An absolutely glorious day today, just the same as yesterday. No woolly hat or gloves to go with the 6 layers of clothes ( top half ) you put on just to get outta bed. If all the days up here could be like this. However they do not forecast the same for tomorrow. We shall see I have loads of washing to put out. The difference already with the lighter mornings our household were up and out of bed before 8 am on a Saturday the dogs are walked and our tea and 2 deserts are done ready for friends coming round later. They have just come back from Nepal , an experience they said seeing that part of the world.

So I could clean , housework , clean ahhh yes that chesnut. I hate it , puts me in a bad mood. Maybe just bobbed around with the hoover and a quick tidy up maybe.

Friday, 12 February 2010

We have made a start

We have started the Website the other Silly Moo and I today, well this afternoon. I forgot I had to take Tilley for her blood test to see if the big C is back. Oh and a lesson on how to relieve the other dogs blocked glad from its bottom. NICE !!! Will let you know that one and what mess I get into. The vet says keep your mouth closed and don't stand in the way.

Back to the website, we have sorted into boxes what we have, whats for the sale section , the new section for the craft fairs and Internet section. We didn't realise we had a fair bit of stuff that we had made over Winter , just shows, bugger all up here to distract you ! I have been told I must stop making. Which is going to be impossible unless I get hooked on this Lamp working then it will be all beads and no jewellery made up. We shall see. So we are back on the web designing hopefully Monday if all goes to plan. Fingers Crossed !

We are also going to arrange a Jewellery Party on Yell before Mother's Day I hope if it can be done in that time and if we can get the right time ferry on and off both Islands. that will be fun in it's self. It is a military operation just to go literally over the water can take up to 2 hours. Our friends just live across the water, we can see there house from ours the only problem is we have to get off our Island to get onto the Mainland to drive to the next ferry terminal to get a 20 min ferry onto there Island. FUN FUN FUN . You think going to Birmingham from Manchester is a nightmare ha you could get there and back by the time we make just the journey there. I should never complain again about a motorway and the travel. But I will I know I will from all the traffic, see I have started already and I am sat at my kitchen table whilst getting annoyed about motorway traffic that is over 200 miles away for fffeaks sake.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Little Darlings

Princess Bracelet : For Sale

Rocks Bracelet : For sale

These two types Princess & rocks are for the Mini Moos in your life, ( young Girls ) those daughters that end up borrowing ( keeping ) your perfume, make up and anything else that they can get away with.
Triffle Earrings : For Sale

Treacle Earrings : For Sale

These earrings are for the ladies and mothers that daughters would not borrow, rest assured that sometimes buying something that the lovely darlings cannot get there hands on is heaven sometimes and enjoyable in knowing that you can have something to yourself and knowing you will be able to find it the next day.
Although I would not know this having a son ( yes ) my shoes are all mine, my make up is mine. Sorry but it is joy knowing that I will not have a darling borrowing my stuff.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Prairie Bracelet :
I have had these beads since September last year, they were supposed to be a birthday present but I changed design and beads today I made them up they were screaming ' I'm Here ' ' Make Me , Make Me You Witch ! ' So I obeyed. I hope you like. The beads are from Josephine Wadman, but of course made up by me.

Today again we took The Girls for their walk early , it was a lovely calm start to the day, but by lunch the cloud had arrived as well as a few showers, boo hoo. The postie has forecast that we are in for more snow, yes you heard right The Postie. Locals have more chance on giving a better weather report than the news anyway and they do tend to get it right as well. Anyhow I wanna go home today miss the warmth of my house, familiar surroundings and The Husband having that control over his work even though it is. I don't miss the noise and the rude people , I do sometimes miss our life in parts that we had down there, I miss the size of our house and the space we had and all the work we did in the garden there. But in the same way if we moved back now , could we adjust or would we slip into our old ways again ? I hope not, I hope we could have the best of both , take what we have learned up here and have the convenience of living in a city ?? Can it be done or would we loose it slowly as we get blinded by city living.

Emerald Hearts

Emerald Heart Necklace :

Similar to the red heart this is also from Cheeky Cherubs. Everybody goes for red so I decided up this heart with putting a flash of deep red swarvoski beads to contrast the green in the heart. In the sunlight you can see through the heart , shame my own heart isn't like that although The Husband would say there is no emotion in there !!! I on the other hand disagree I tend to cry at anything slightly emotional and they are not Kroc tears they are the real McCoy and proper flood. And I know I am getting worse, so question to you all. Do the tears flow more freely because you get older ? are female ? menopause ? pmt or motherhood ? Or is something that I have not thought of like the life we all could have had ? being married too long ? no chocs in the house ? lack of sex ? ( Blush Blush ) .

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Country Fair

Country Fair Set ( For Sale ) Above :

The Beads are by Josephine Wadman . I was going to do the bracelet with all shades of pink beads, I put them to one side , forgot and got out the Swarvoski Mixes instead. After I had put the bracelet together and took the picture I found the pinks remembered my original idea but liked what I had already done so stuck with this. The Earrings & Necklace are on Stirling Silver , with Swarvoski in contrasting colours. They do remind me of Somerset where I was born , those summers and those carefree days. Homesick now for the life that could have been if we had stayed in Taunton. But we shall never know what was intended down that path. This set is very girlie and very in touch with Summer ( Cannot come fast enough for me ). Hope you like !!!

Aqua Seas

Aqua Seas Bracelet Above :

Beads are by Flame and Glass but of course made up by Moi. Today is a lovely sunny day not too warm and there is a breeze. So these beads inspired me today because of the sunshine reflecting the sea. This bracelet is perfect for these shoes . I have these shoes but in black. really comfy & look amazing.
So you can tell the seasons are changing a subtle change is in the air, male blackbirds are chasing the females, buds on the bushes as we have no trees up here. And I have put my washing out today and it has come back in dry , not wetter than when I put it out. The towels are lovely and soft as they have been bitch slapped into submission and smell of fresh air !!! Bloody needs to warm up now though its still a wee bit nippy just yet. Maybe May I might get the thermals off.

Monday, 8 February 2010

No Buses pass my House

So I could wait for a bus forever, none would pass by , only Pelagic Ships like these , picture below is taken with The Husbands scope. As for normal buses we don't have any on our Island .

Heartbreaker & Rockafella

HeartBreaker Necklace ( For Sale ) Above :

Perfect for Vally Day . Focal is by Cheeky Cherub , I put this focal with black chain to bring out the red in the focal and contrasted it with emerald green swarvoski beads.

Rockafella Necklace Above ( For Sale ):

These beads are from Flame and Glass, i put these on tigertail to make a bracelet first of all but once these beads were styled like this I decided to make it into a necklace, with chain and extending chain for different lengths. It sits really nice upon the neck. So I have decided to purchase a Necklace Display so that these designs can be shown as they should rather than flat. Nuts it the sunlight it looks stunning but today I am not fortunate to have sun so that it shows the beads in there glory.

Quaderni di Birdwatching

I am letting you all know how proud I am of The Husband but shhhh do not tell him, His Cow Bird Picture is now in an Italian Birding Mag, " Quaderni di Bidwatching. They sent a copy today, it is of course in Italian so we just looked at the pictures , we haven't a clue what it says. He also goes in other mags as well in England which I am sorry I cannot remember the name of them, just shows my interest in birds. It is on the same level as his interest with beads so we are equal on that. So under his picture it says "Un merlo testabruna sull'isola di fair , nelle shetland ". We have no idea what it says but it does sound good.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Panforte Day

So I saw this being made Thursday or Friday on this morning and I thought it would be perfect for Sunday Lunch Desert. We had friends coming over from Yell and Island off mainland Shetland. I was unsure with it being Dark chocy .
But I must say with double cream it was yum yum !! As you can see I only remembered to take a photo after we had dived in, but at least you get the idea. I also made a Pecan Nut Tart incase they didn't like the Panforte, but I must say I will be making that again.

As for the waist and the fact I did not put on that much weight at Christmas , these past 2 days have made up for it. Being female certain times of the month you need that sugar, well I had to phone The Other Silly Moo last night to confess I had had 3/4 of a tub of Benn and Gerry's Cookie Dough and was tempted to eat The Son's as well. I resisted . JUST. I shall no longer be buying Ice cream just for mum anymore. Bugger !!