Welcome to my wonderful world of handmade lampwork beads and handcrafted jewellery .

I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Daisy Daisy :

Perfect for the warmer months. These earrings are for the Funky Moo Collection. I am looking towards Spring & Summer Colours already as it is that cold up here & in this house it makes me think. Why am I here. Storage heaters do not work, work I mean the heaters are on, but the heat is shit, the house is cold we are having to use those convector heaters. Nice I hear you say, nice electric bill we shall have too in the spring.

So its New years eve , we are going out on the Ice rink of a road tonight and going up to the other Silly moos to let in the New Year. The Island will be alive tonight as if your lights are on , people go visiting with Whisky as they have done all over Christmas. This can last all night until the next morning and will continue maybe until next week or longer depending I expect on the weather. On New Years night people around the island light bonfires , I am not sure as to why but it is something that has always been done and I expect will continue with every generation. maybe the Vikings did this and people continue today. I will have to find out if there is a reason or if it is just done for fun.

Must go and check the Hens are closed up as weather has come in again.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

These are from Annelyse Taylor, her coast beads.

The photo that I took do not do these beads justice. I know I shall be making a necklace & earrings out of these and hopefully a bracelet too for the Spring Collection.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

These are some beads that came that I shall be working with in 2010 . Just thinking of ideas of what can be done with them ,what look to go with for the New year ahead.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Hope you like your pressie mum. So what did Santa bring you all this year ?

Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Planets Bracelet Above :

I got these beads from Flame & Glass , I decided I did not want to do another necklace & the beads were a bit heavy for earrings , as I was going to use these beads I chose this design to wear them & show them off in there glory. A simple design but these beads reflect there design beautifully in the sun.

Slave Labour Seed Beaded Necklaces :

Over the past couple of evenings I have made up 4 seed bead necklaces , as anyone who makes these necklaces up knows it takes ages , sometimes hours. So that's why called Slave Labour Necklaces. Once I started one though I had to finished it, then when that was done, I was onto another, I kept putting it down as the lamp was not bright enough, I was sat on a funny angle but I kept on going back to that needle and those teeny tiny seed beads.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas :

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Mulled Wine Bracelet :

This was inspired by my shoes ( photo ) that I put on for you all to see earlier. The colours are fantastic for this time of year. It has cheered me up making this bracelet this evening.

So to bore everybody today, I feel that homesick I got out a pair of my favourite shoes just to make me feel worse I think as you can see , these are not suitable for living in the Shetland Islands , The old welly boot or flats are a more suitable attire. I will never be able to wear shoes like this again on a regular basis. The Husband does not understand it has taken years not to dress like a tramp, and now I seem to be reverting back to old ways, not through choice. I miss wearing nice clothes & shoes I miss my heels that I fall over & trip up in all the time, I miss the aching feet , the burning sensation on the balls of my foot. Not all the time but to wear it up here you stand out like a sore thumb. So the only day I put my nice clothes , by nice I mean jeans, woolly jumper or waistcoat, make up , a nice bag and of course heels. is when its going to Tesco's day. I know I know there is more to life. I know and I understand this. but I am not a sexy woman , I get embarrassed at wearing clothes that are very feminine ( dresses ) so wearing nice clothes , heels & a nice bag did it for me . I like it when The husband said you look nice today, I like feeling tall as I am one of the many average woman in height I liked shopping for shoes as clothes were a different world to me ( I have little taste and The son says I'm bland ) so shoes were my expression my form of adventure and now nanda , nothing , welly's I will end up being the woman with pairs and pairs of welly's with different patterns & colours.

Update on weather I do not see The Husband or Son getting back tonight , the snow has come in again as shown below. I feel the airport will be shut ( great ) not . This is happening all over UK at the moment and not fun for anyone.

They did not make it, they got off Shetland but never made it off the runway at Edinburgh. So at 11pm last night they got put up in a hotel and are on the 6pm flight back to Shetland, The Son was really upset that he did not go back home even if it was a short stay. So today they are in Edinburgh where The Son has never been, I hope this does make up for him missing Grandma. The Husband is taking him to the cinema as well that he does not know about. In Shetland we have the cinema once a month and you are limited on what choice there is film wise. Its times like these I feel really homesick. We are no longer in the 1960's or 70's anymore but living on an Island drags you right back to your childhood and what you could and couldn't do. So today is not a good day I want to be in the hustle and bustle with them , I want to be able to go to the cinema that was 10 minutes down the road and today I don't want to have to wait for ferries when I should be able to drive A to B somewhere. It doesn't help that they get in at 7.30 tonight but will not make the 8.30pm ferry so have to wait till 10pm for the next one. Not funny , not when we are in the 21st century not funny at all.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

These are more pieces that I made up a while ago , 3 Bracelets & a Necklace . All beads are by different designers , each piece made is based upon the bead as the main design. From the colour to the weight of the bead each design is thought about then created by hand . Either by myself or the other Silly Moo. We now constantly look at what women are wearing ? Asking what colours people like , seeing who wears more of what , i.e. Necklace people, Bracelet People to the whole lot, every woman is different & every design is personal, we have discovered that there is NO style & NO type . Every woman likes different things and on many occasions we have been surprised at what other women like and would buy, because, sometimes even what we would wear other women wouldn't. So the message is every woman should not have to follow the trend of the season or pressure that they should conform to other peoples tastes, they should , we should feel comfortable in what we like and wear. Some days it may work other days it may not but try it anyway.

These are my 1950's pieces , I made these a while ago , the necklace has gone but you can see it in the flicker pictures , I decided to make each piece different so that I could show the beads off as they deserved.
Silly Mooz Pearl & Stars Bracelet above :

Long Chain Sea Pebble Necklace above :

Holiday Memories necklace above :

A Bridal Tiara above from our Bridal Mooz Collection :

These pieces have been designed from the other Silly Moo , the light & my camera was dying when I took these photo's , but people will know I am not a very patient person & wanted to put them on for people to see some more designs.
These are some designs by the other Silly Moo :

This was today's weather this morning before The Husband & The Son traveled or at this moment as I blog to you trying to get to Manchester. The Husband has to work in London so we decided to surprise The Son by taking him to Manchester for a quick visit, however you would think leaving Shetland would be the problem and usually I would agree with you, but not today. No , today it's Manchester Airport. We leave Manchester and they now decide to get snow & close the airport. So the slay would be better used by the sound of it in Manchester, not in Shetland. I hope they get to Manchester and I will worry until they are back here in Shetland with me because of all this weather.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


I must mention that team COLA won Strictly , Yeah baby , I had a tear in thee eye. They were both very good , but for a female that cannot dance Chris Hollands did those non dancers very proud tonight, he may not have the best moves but he gave it his all tonight so Yippeee as a Breakfast viewer Yippee !!!!

Although the best part that I Will miss is `It Takes Two ' with Claudia , until next year when it starts all over again , you wouldn't believe this but we only started watching Strictly properly last year when The Husband saw a bit and now he's hooked worse than me in fact. So he will have withdrawal symptoms next week without Claudia .
Anyway I know everybody has there favourites and many people do not watch Strictly but as I do no watch any other reality show ( no X Factor ) none of that or soaps I raise my head up high and say I enjoy Strictly and as we have a child the going out clubbing it days are long gone at least for a few weeks we have something on a Saturday night The Husband & I can watch together.
Meet Mildred above : She was sold as Betty but I think see looks like a Mildred, she is made as a necklace either for a Funky or Mini Moo. She does need to go to a loving and caring home where she does not get flushed down the Loo !!!!! Parents you know what I mean !

I decided to put this large focal on a belcher chain, a bit heavier than normal & looks different just by using another type of chain. A cosmopolitan design, striking in effect for the Winter months.

A nice little piece I made up on this 'Pants' of a day. Again either for a Funky Moo or Mini Moo. Plus in this bleak weather it brightens up an outfit as well as your mood.

Above is today's view from our bedroom window.
Can you see the sea ?

Below is our view on a good day , yes we do have good days up in Shetland.

As you can see from these two photos the difference in Weather that we can experience , like many parts of the country at the moment we are having bad weather, only from outside our window we can see the different weather systems moving across the Island. This morning from our window , one minute we could see across the sea to the Island Yell , next minute snow had covered Yell & the mainland and from the photo was coming across the sea , snow hitting Whalsay so we could see nothing , none of that beautiful view could be seen whilst the bad weather was in force. I cannot say I am a fan of the snow or ice , like many drivers it does not make our driving experience a happy one when this type of weather is about. Dogs may like it, Kids love it but I am afraid I keep thinking I have to go to the mainland to get my meat for Christmas & I won't be going if this weather keeps up. Anyone for Pizza Christmas Day ????

Friday, 18 December 2009

These are Clematis again it has made me think of Spring & the New Collection that us Silly Mooz will bring out then, all that colour plus it reminds me of Home ( Manchester ) and all the Clematis colour that came out in our garden from Winter onwards from White to Purple to Deep Burgundy , makes me feel homesick when I think of the hardwork that was put into that garden & house , oh central heating where are you now , when I need you most !!!! Not bloody here in this house anyway !!!!!

Above and below are two focal beads from Trudi ( Glittering Prize ). Ready to be made up into something special for the New Year.

Also these Swirl Beads aren't they Lush I mean plush no I mean Lush ( Gavin and Stacey moment ) I cannot get Lush out of my head. Again from Trudi along with as she is a mind reader a calender for next year , isn't she wonderful. Especially and now for a moan, I went into what is called our town centre this week for a diary a nice diary , something from Emma Bridgewater or something that you could walk into John Lewis and buy very easy. Can you in Shetland in one word NO! Can I find one NO ! I could find horrible plain cover ones, pocket ones YUK ! I can find a Emma Bridgewater Journal but no Dairy , I ask you we are in the 21st century yet I cannot get a decent Diary except on bloody line. I want shops I want to be able to buy decent bloody things from decent bloody shops at decent bloody prices. Not have to buy online & hope for the best. Apart from that Shetland is a lovely place. So Thank You Trudi for that gift I mean it. Thank You.

I made this , this afternoon, Autumn Blows for the Classy Mooz Collection. Speaking of Classy Mooz, I've not seen my partner in crime this week as it being near the end of term, all those blimmin kids to get rid off and sorting out work ready for the start of term next year. Plus the Mooz going away for Christmas , somewhere a bit warmer where Santa has to wear a bathing suit to give her , her presents !!!!!!! Whilst we are here freezing the Old Chesnuts Off for Xmas.

Must mention my son went Slaying on his sledge this afternoon for the first time ever , he was supposed to get the sledge for Christmas but Snow came early he would have been the only one without a sledge , so us suckers we gave in and supprised him before he went out to play and yes they can go out up here no problems and play like we were allowed to do as children without the boring old adults telling you what to do. When he rang for us to pick him up the first thing he did was get in the shower , get his PJ's on & get into bed he was that cold , but he loved ever second of it & all that freedom. Not Bad for an 11 yr old some freedom, not bad at all.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Stripes That Rock Bracelet :

Let It Snow Earrings :

Do you like ? I love the let it snow so much I've made these for me as well as 1 I say 1 more pair.
And the Stripes That Rock Bracelet has been took apart by Piss Pot Anny on more than one occasion by nicking the tiger tail in the middle, so this afternoon I finished the project in hand and voila done for you to see !!! It should go in the Bleedin Fresion Collection because it's Bloody Freezing up here !!!!

Beads For Silly Mooz

These have arrived the are called Winter Roses I think , I hope, but I loved the fact they made me think of Spring already so I will save them for our Spring Collection & when we have thought of a special collection name for them which will take an afternoon of cackling round the kitchen table whilst we think of collection names that are fit for Silly Mooz. I shall look forward to that afternoon very much indeed.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Meet the Food : Oh & The Beads :

So first, more beads came in today's post. Don't they look nice, I will make them up at some point & post them on the blog & website for you to look at.

So today I was busy in the kitchen, I know the pics don't make the food look nice but I assure you the taste speaks for its self The Husband says, because although I bake I don't eat cake, I don't know why , I love cake just don't eat it anymore maybe its to do with the lifetime on the hips & I eat enough chocy for that motto. So today Rocky Road & Easy Chocolate Fruit Cake was made for Xmas , I did both of these recipes last year & they were requested again this year by The Husband & The Son.

Meet Cocco & Polly :

Cocco is nicknamed Piss Pot Anny , she is a rescue that we got 3 Xmas ago due to an old man dying and his daughter didn't want her, so we took her in. She tends to wee though if the slightest thing is moved so the first 6 mths were a trying time in our household in Manchester, then as long as I didn't change The Son's room we were fine , however we moved to Shetland & what joy we have had , yeah right !!!!!! She is on her last life, my John Lewis rug is rotting as we speak in the garage, the sofa has gone to the skip. So the husband brought out our sofa's from storage , God help her if she ever pees on these. So Piss Pot Anny is her name, we are now on a plug in called Feliaway that is meant to calm cats , yeah right , sure it does !!!!!! And no my house does not stick of WEE , thank you very much as I know you were all thinking it.

Above her is Polly our Moggy that is an OAP & has come out of her shell since moving to Shetland, she actually tolerates us . Nothing more to say about our Polly as she's lovely as you can see. Cocco is lovely too but a very demanding Cat although I don't actually think she's a Cat.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Meet Tilley. No 1 Dog

Tilley is our first dog, The Husband wanted a laptop , I wanted a dog , we both got what we wanted. Tilley is The Queen , she acts like The Queen she is the queen, however we nearly lost our Tilley this year. If it wasn't for the Vets in Lerwick who said her belly does not look right lets do a an x - ray . So we had it done and they found a lump the size of a tennis ball on her spline and yes it was a nasty lump , so they operated with a 50/50 chance they took all of her spline with growth ( which I have a picture for & I want to put it on the blog as its amazing ) I even had a look at it when they had taken it out in a medical waste bowl it was amazing !!!! Much to our joy , yes joy Husband if you are reading this !!!! She is still around as the No 1 Dog My Tilley.
Look what came in today's post. Let me introduce you to George The Pig & Edward The Dragon.
I have fallen in love with Edward he ooozes ' Love Me '. These will become part of the Mini Mooz Collection. Lush Lush Lush !

Meet The Husband

The love of my life, the pain in my arse , My Husband, ( The Husband ) and one of the only photos of him smiling as we were traveling back to Whalsay last year, this was on the Hendra ferry that is one of the island ferry's that transports us Islanders off Whalsay on a 30 minute ferry ride to mainland Shetland , yes folks the nearest Tesco's is an hour away & in rough weather let's say I do not I repeat have sea legs like The Husband or The Son does. But you will hear more of my ferry travels as time goes on. Anyway back on the subject of The Husband , we have been together for eternity , he is my rock, my best friend, but he also is that constant pain in my arse that enjoys driving me nuts. He knows what I mean when he reads this blog !!!!!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Back to the job in hand :

I made this yesterday evening after we had put up the Christmas Decs and after I had made The Husbands daughter a Xmas Pressie or two. I had the help of wine with lemonade ( lightweight I hear you say ) Christmas music that turned into the 8O's cd as the wine flowed. I was screaming like a witch to the music, the cat was ready to bite me as she loves my singing ( not , I sound like a badly tuned cat ) the claws were out ready for the right note or not in my case to come out & Bella was a howling ( at least she adores my singing , again NOT ). I made these earrings. Not bad as I post them on this site today without the wine , I say not bad at all.
The Girls !!!!!!