Welcome to my wonderful world of handmade lampwork beads and handcrafted jewellery .

I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

These are from Annelyse Taylor, her coast beads.

The photo that I took do not do these beads justice. I know I shall be making a necklace & earrings out of these and hopefully a bracelet too for the Spring Collection.


  1. I'll bet that you could make something goregeous out of these that refelct the coast line!

  2. They do don't they. I think if we move i really will miss the sea & its coastline.