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Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Year ago to yesterdays date

Its been a whole year since we moved up to Shetland. Do I feel different having been here a year. Honestly I do not know. I don't hate the place so that is a plus, however do I do not love the place either.

Drawbacks are :

The remoteness and the lack of the 21st century at your door.
The bad weather & cold.
The electric bills are a rip off in a huge way and I would not mind if it at least kept you warm in the winter, but it does not. And the fuel bills is 10p to 20p a litre dearer than you lot on the mainland. Moaning that your fuel is now 1.20 ha ours was that last year we are on 1.30 I expect.
Also the cost of getting off Shetland in plain words it is a JOKE.
Ferries as I get seasick - YUK YUK YUK
There are more but that could take all day.

Positives :

Community , we have one and its a very friendly and supportive one at that.
Safe as houses, I mean my 11 year old is safe to go out to play just like when I was a child.
Doors left open , no-one will rob your house.
Sundays are a day of rest & roast dinners.
No more Traffic jams , need I say any more.

Again the list could go on.

So I have made today 3 bracelets that I need to finish off and these below . The house needs a good clean but am I doing it , nahh maybe next week !!!

Sputnik Earrings

Sputnik Necklace

Creeky Beads Bracelet

Raspberry Ripple Earrings

2 Flower Brooches

So a year on do I want to go back South , yes and no really . The countryside yes the safety yes , some shops , no ferry journeys , however the traffic no, the city living no, the people & lack of community no. If you feel confused think what its like for us 3 three living it.

We take one day at a time and enjoy what it does or does not bring. Its the only way to keep moving forward.

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