Welcome to my wonderful world of handmade lampwork beads and handcrafted jewellery .

I enjoy making handmade beads that are not mass produced and have that original feel and look. As my beads are not mass produced not every bead is the same and can vary ever so slightly . This is why I feel excitement each time I melt glass as each time is like the first time. Any imperfections are stated in my descriptions so buyer please be aware .

Enjoy looking at my beads.
It is our imagination that lets us create these wonderful designs.

Friday, 30 April 2010

I forgot to mention

On weds night we got invited out for tea, lovely meal really enjoyed the evening and I was doing very well not boring everyone to death talking about beads, until however we got to the part when they brought the cheese and biscuits out. That part was fine , it was the knifes that did it for me , not the sharp ones oh no a perfect one like a spade that would be perfect for moving melted glass. Out pops my mouth do you need that knife as that would be perfect for my beads, groans from the hubby and others , my head in shame I am not even able to go out for tea an not think about what would be good to use as equipment for my beads . Bearing in mind that in my head I had already moved into their conservatory with my torch and kiln as there view is directly onto the sea. Perfect !!!!


  1. Well done the beads look great and your enjoying all of it,hope the sunday tea go's well with lots of enquiries for you and the island!Tried sending a post last week but it would'nt go! Hope you are all okay ! x

  2. LOL Stacey - I'm like this too - I walk around kitchen departments wondering how I could use stuff for storage etc!

  3. its getting worse , i have a headache through thinking about beads and what equipment from the kitchen i can nik